Hi I have a mini Yorkie. We usually feed her spaghetti with minced meat. After that however her stool is extremely soft. Recently I read somewhere that Yorks can't digest minced meat. O_o Is it really so? Should I switch her to dry food? Thank you.
You should certainly switch to feeding her a balanced, complete, dry or canned dog food. Dogs fed only table food may encounter nutritional deficiencies, as well as be at a high risk for developing pancreatitis. You can read about and decide on what brand of dog food you'd like at www.dogfoodanalysis.com
Hi... but I've heard that dry and canned foods are full of fillers so it may not be very good for the dog's health. That's why we sticked to natural minced meat. I'm confused now... so you mean a natural diet is not really good?
Let me answer your questions separately. Sorry my first answer wasn't more clear!

You are correct that some dry and canned dog foods are full of fillers. These are generally the cheap, grocery store brands. There are ultra-premium brands of dog food that are free of fillers and artificial ingredients. These foods cost more but are much healthier in the long run for your dog. Some of these good brands include Blue Buffalo, Solid Gold, Innova, and EVO just to name a few. You can look on websites such as www.dogfoodanalysis.com to learn which brands are better than others. They are ranked on a scale of 1 to 6 stars, with one star dog food being the worst and 6 star dog food being the best.

Some other good dog food reviews:

http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com /


A homemade or raw diet is also ok to feed your dog IF it is nutritionally balanced. If you want to continue to feed a home cooked diet then you will need to learn how to provide a balanced meal. Feeding your dog only minced meat and spaghetti is NOT balanced. Imagine if that is all you ate... you would not be the healthiest you could be. Also, you need to recognize that spaghetti IS a filler, just like those found in poor quality dog foods. If you are interested in feeding your dog a balanced home-cooked diet, here are some good websites to start:






http://rawfeddogs.net /

Let me know if you have any more questions!
I have had yorkies for years and I can tell you that they develop pancreatitis over time from people food. Yorkies should be on a strict diet. Pancreatitis can be fatal and if not can result in a very expensive stay in a vet hospital. Change over slowly to a good quality dog food.