Hi there, I have a British Shorthair kitten, 5 weeks old. He'll only eat from my hands. He may eat from his bowl but very little. He weighs 3kg. Anything I can do to improve his appetite?
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Okay so never mind the illness thing right now. I want to express to you that you should NEVER, EVER feed dry and raw food within 12-14 hours of each other. What's most likely happening is because they have two very different rates of digestion, raw food can get stuck in the digestive tract, not be properly digested and leave some nasty bacteria behind. That's when there's danger of e coli, salmonella, etc. Dry food is actually much worse for spreading bacteria believe it or not. I really advice getting them OFF dry food completely. What you should do is slowly transition to an all wet diet first before the raw. Then when the dry food has been eliminated completely, you can add raw food to the mix. And if she's being hard to eat the raw food, you can start with premade frozen raw foods first and then graduate to regular raw. but you can't expect them all to take to it immediately. Not all of them will do that, especially if they were raised on dry. Here's my page on switching foods: http://ibdkitties.net/switchingfoods.html . If you notice at the top of that page where the other links are, there are instructions for raw feeding whole prey and frankenprey as well. And for canned food or wet food go with something like Nature's Variety or Evo which has more meat and protein. Better for a growing kitty, and helps more with transitions to an all meat diet. But I'll answer your other questions about illness in a bit. If I don't eat, I'll be the one who's sick, LOL. Be back.
(You've not come back... I hope you had your dinner and all is fine? Emotion: smile )

OK, jokes apart.
What he was raised on I'm not sure. From the breeder we only got those feeding instructions we've been following (dry food available plus raw meat). Removing dry cat food is not a problem at this stage I think because he hardly eats it anyway so if I remove it he won't get upset. I'm more concerned about training him to eat from the bowl. For example if I leave the meat there but he doesn't eat it, when should I remove it to prevent bacteria growth? And should I offer him a fresh portion from my hands again so there's no negative health impact?
Has he eaten canned/wet food before? I'd start with that and maybe add a few pieces of raw meat to it each time. He'll get used to the taste that way and eventually you can go to all raw or you can do half raw and half canned. That's not a problem, it's the dry that's not good. Dry food isn't good for them anyway, it's over-processed and believe it or not can develop salmonella and e coli even easier than raw food when raw is properly handled. I'm actually seeing a lot of that lately, dry food developing fungus looking stuff while it sits on trucks waiting to be delivered. Moisture getting into the bag, a pinhole in the bag, etc. blech.
Great news!! He ate on his own (almost) this morning!! What I did was giving him a piece to smell but I didn't let him eat it and moved my hand slowly to the bowl. He nose followed my hand and voila! Emotion: dance He ate several pieces like that and the last one he took from the bowl himself! I can't explain how happy I am!! I hope we will progress next time too.

Thanks so much for your help and support!
That's awesome!!!! Congratulations! Keep up the good work! That's what I'm here for and I'm glad you are starting your baby off RIGHT. With a good, healthy diet. Emotion: big smile
Update on our progress today.

At first he refused to eat from the bowl and kept staring at me and my hands and meowing. I took a piece from the bowl, let him smell it, and slowly moved my hand to the bowl like yesterday. His nosed followed and he started eating. I don't know why but he doesn't eat from the bowl if I show it to him nor if I finger knock on the floor beside the bowl to get his attention. Only this trick with me taking a piece of meat works.
Just to let you know the problem is gone, girls! No more hand feeding. Emotion: smile
My kittens have stopped drinking milk. I was feeding them with a bottle ,but they now seem to be lethargic. They are not playing either as they used to be. They are 4 weeks old. Thier weight is decreasing. What to do now, help me.