Hello all! My boyfriend and I are looking to get a puppy together. We have recently discovered a specific breed called a basschshund - a mix of a basset hound and a daschshund. However, we have been unable to find any basschshund breeders through our preliminary searching. We live in Massachusetts, but would be willing to travel to find our new puppy. Can anyone point us in the right direction? Thank you!
Hi There my name is Paul from Brisbane Australia I use to own a Boy Basschund many years ago and I am having no luck finding a Breader here in Australia how did you go there in the States.

I found mine in a pound, I wasn't even looking for that type of breed but when I walked by her cage she warmed my heart and i took her home. Since then I have looked for a companion for her and there is plenty to choose from on petfinder.com.