I recently got a male kitten from a friend who lives on a farm. She own many cats and they all stay outside. There has been inbreeding between cats but my friend was unsure if this kittens litter was a product of any inbreeding. He doesn't seem to be the brightest or animals, but I suppose he may just be rather feisty, but my main concern is that he bites a lot and shows a lot of aggression despite being pet and given attention on a very frequent basis. These are not playful bites, as he has even caused blood to be drawn. He scratches and is constantly attacking our two adult cats, of course they can easily fight back and he is no real issue to them. I was simply wondering what mental effects of inbreeding would be, just to be sure. The kitten is not even a year old yet, so I am thinking the behavior is simply because he is still young and full of energy, and we must keep working with him every day.

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