Does anyone have experience of looking after an incontinent cat? Tips & advice will be highly appreciated. The vets are trying to persuade me to put him to sleep but I can't. He's too loving and affectionate.
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As long as he's not suffering then this is not a good reason to put him to sleep! Sheesh! That's awful they're trying to get you to do that. Good for you for wanting to help him. Yes, you can do kitty diapers, I know they sell them. Can I ask what the condition is that makes him incontinent? Is he still eating okay, etc?
Yes he's still okay in our opinion it's just that he can't hold his urine because of his age (14 yrs). Kitty diapers? First time I hear about them! I'll look into that. Thanks a bunch.
yes do a google search because they do have them. You can also get puppy pads to put around the house.
I have experience with this. Let me know if you still need help.
if the vet is saying that, you should give that some weight as they know what they are talking about - just because its loving and effectionate, if the cat is in pain, you are being compassionate by putting it sleep. not prolonging its pain.
If the cat is in pain then it is a hard choice to make but putting him to sleep might be the best solution. I had to do this with one of my kitties and it was hard but he is not suffering any more.
there are videos on youtube about how to make kitty diapers out of regular baby diapers. i am doing it now. look for videos on Elera, the handicapped cat. there is no proof at all that your cat is suffering. she sounds happy to me. do not believe everything about the silent suffering of cats. there is no science behind it. i know when my cat is suffering he does not suffer in silence at all. and that goes for all the cats i have ever had or known. this is a myth spread by people who just want to not feel guilty. that is their choice, but it is not the truth, unless the animal really is suffering and you will know when he or she is really suffering. i guarantee it. even in the throes of death they do not suffer because they are already gone. the spirit leaves when you give permission and they are ready. life itself is far more painful than death in many many ways.
Are cats okay with diapers on? I can only imagine my cat she'd go bonkers trying to get them off!
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