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Thanks for the encouragement from this list to get this problem looked at!

Thanks for the update. Maybe I'll take my cat back for another check and possibly some antidepressants.
I just wanted to post a progress report on our cat Sheba. I hope this information helps someone else. I ... some really nasty problems if left unattended. Thanks for the encouragement from this list to get this problem looked at!

What great news!!
I'd like to know your take on this:I adopted a dsh (spayed) female who's 6 lbs/5 years old. She was taken from her home and put in a (cage) shelter for a month. She peed in the litter box (in her cage, in my bedroom the first day only) She didn't keep food down for the first 3 days (and the shelter rep swears she didn't get lose her lunch at the shelter) so I took her to the vet. X-rays showed all was well. She kept food down there. She had a dental extraction while at the vet. I brought her home on Saturday.

She peed on my blankets Sunday night and Monday day and also *** in my quilt. My resident cat - 4 year old, dsh (neutered) 10+ lb male was introduced to her as soon as she arrived. She was caged and he had access. They sniffed throught the bars and all seemed well. Day 2 progressed Ok, except for a couple of hisses (started by her). That night he pinned her a couple of times. So...I now don't have them interact at all. Question...shall I cage her until I'm sure she won't start peeing on the bed again? How can I be sure she will *** in the box? When shall I start having the 2 cats together? I've had 2 cat combos several times before but never had a major problem 'til now.