Hi I have a question about my cat Emma's health again. In the past months she's been drinking more water and she'll often go pee shortly after that. Like this, she can pee 5 times a day. I've heart an increased thirst can be a sing of diabetics but not sure if more frequent peeing a symptom too? I'll take her to a vet next week but I was hoping to hear some thoughts from more experienced cat people.


Thanks in advance.
It could be diabetes, it could be kidney disease, it could be a UTI. Does she cry when she pees or is there any blood? Is she losing any weight?
No, she doesn't cry and no blood in the urine fortunately. My heard would have sunk if it was there! The weight is stable, too. Good signs?
Sure it's good signs. How much exactly is she really drinking and peeing more? Does she eat an all dry food diet or any wet food? Is it very dry in your house? It's dry right now, no moisture in the air.
For example before she would pee once or twice a day. Now it's three times a day at minimum, sometimes more. She's on primarily raw meat diet and sometimes I give her dry food. By the way, I've noticed that she occasionally will cry when she is preparing to pee... only happened a couple of times so far. I'm just so confused. I hope it's just dry air of winter.
Okay I need you to call the vet. She's either got a blockage or a urinary tract infection. UTIs can come from E coli which you can get from raw food. I know this because the exact same thing happened to my sister's cat this past year. And you shouldn't feed raw and dry food within 12 hours of each other, they have a different digestion rate. Dry food is horrible for them anyways and sucks the moisture, who knows. She could have gotten it from the dry. But either way, she's got to see the vet now.
We're off to a vet this evening. What other symptoms does UTI have? She no longer cries before peeing. Confusion goes on!
I don't feed dry very often and yes usually there's a good time shift when I do.
Thanks for your help!
she's not crying anymore? Was there any blood in the urine? is she still drinking excessively? Maybe just a phone call to the vet then and see what they think.