Hmmm did they take a lot of tries to record something like that? Emotion: big smile
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LoL it's nearly like mirror reflections. Emotion: big smile
What beauties!!! Especially the one on the right, have you seen his ears? Emotion: love

(Sorry Gizmo, you're beautiful too... )
(Make sure Gizmo doesn't have a look at the screen by accident!! Emotion: big smileEmotion: stick out tongue)

Yeah, they ARE beauties! I paid attention to the right one's ears too. So sweeeet.
Oh yeah, Punkybrewster, what can always make you be Emotion: love is ears of a Maine Coon!
Emotion: stick out tongue
I wonder what they were moving around for them to look.
lol, Omnia Emotion: big smile

I think they were moving some toy maybe, or just a hand. Barsik (my cat) would react to a hand without any problem. Emotion: wink
Well while i was looking at the video my head was going round and round with them.
Sorry, Glenda! Posting the video, I didn't want someone's head to go round! Emotion: big smile
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