so my dog got attacked by a pitpull (hes a poodle, very small) this saturday which was 2 days ago. he was injured somewhere around his jaw. he wont let me check it but he bleeds alot, he wont eat, nor walk. when i tred to clean him uo he was bleeding inside his mouth and out side his right side. i can hear a cracking noise when he tries to open his mouth. also he seems to have a hard time breathing, im scared that he might sie overnight. please help, any suggestions?
only reason why i havent tooken him to the hospital is because im only 17 and i dont drive but i want him to get better.
You NEED to take him to the vet, get someone to drive you. He could get worse or get an infection. If you don't get him to the vet, he won't heal right and he'll be in even more pain.