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Even is this hasn't torn completely as of yet I would have her evaluated by an orthopedic vet. Surgery to tighten up the tissue and prevent it from becoming a full tear may be an option. My Barney had luxating patellas and I wish I had his operated on long before they became loose enough to result in a full ACL tear. If I had known they could have been done sooner he would have not spent the last 5 years of his life on pain medications for arthritis.
Good luck with her
Thanks everybody for the responses to my post. I'm a lot more informed now and in hindsight I would have done things a lot different. I would have taken her to the vet a lot sooner but I thought she sprained her leg and it would get better. I'm hoping for a complete recovery but time will tell.
She did talk about the different options and stressed no physical exercise. I couldn't take it all in at the time so I must have another talk with her this week.
Chelsea will walk without a limp on a normal walk but when she runs she will lift her hind leg and getting up from laying she will limp at times. Of course there is no more running now but it's hard to stop her from doing the odd jumping up when she gets excited.