I brought "Bob" home from the street 2 months ago, he seemed scrawny and the vet said he was dehydrated. Long story short, he is always wanting to be fed and his "movements" are quite soft and very smelly. I checked to make sure there is no blood in the stool and he is a very active cat and shows no outward signs of being ill...I'm at a loss.
Hi anon,

Has he been checked for worms?

What food do you give him? Common retail food doesn't usually satisfy hunger much as contains few nutrients, so perhaps it'd make sense to switch him to natural and holistic food and see how it affects his appetite and stool.
When stools smell very strong, it's usually because of the type of food the cat is fed. Some cat food brands are higher quality and more easily digested than others. So try a better brand or - which would be better - switch her to a natural diet like Ruslana suggested. If you can't do it for some reason, check the ingredient labels on the food you buy. Look for real meat within the first two ingredients such as "chicken" or "salmon". "Chicken meal" is good too, but a "chicken by-product" is a poor source of nutrients.
Since Bob's overall behaviour is fine, I'd not worry too much. Change his diet and keep an eye out. I'm sure all is fine.

By the way, it's really so nice of you to take him home. Lucky Bob! Please keep us posted. Emotion: smile