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That sounds exactly like something "Larry" would say. Just a "coincidence?" Mama

No, not really, we are both S.African, had the same education and are about the same age, give or take 5 years. Why shouldn't we sound similar.

I know a couple of south african chaps living over here, and they all have one thing in common. They are ugly sods, mostly little men, and think they are gods gift to women. Us English gals take the pee out of them and their overbearing ways. I think they mostly are sexually frustrated because no woman will bother with them, and they are secretely terrified of the confidence we divorced women display and the utter lack of awe we show for you neanderthal blokes.
What do you think of my theory Owly, Mama??
I have read some articles about lupin and its use ... goats? I know S. Africa produces some outstanding angora goats.

They have been used as fodder for generations here but mostly in silage. I don't think the nutritional value has ... sells at around US$ .50c a Kg (2.2 lbs). So in addition to it's nutritional value, it is inexpensive too.

But lupins are toxic.
More than 4 men in my life have wanted to marry me. I was daft enough to believe them when ... I left. Dunno why this bothers you but it seems to. Were you recently dumped?? Can't say I blame her.

No, not dumped, I was married in 1964 and lost my wife in 1998. I am not an abuser of anything other than the odd bit of verbal abuse in response to the nonsense one has to endure on usenet. Threats to my manhood are like water off a duck's back now. I have 3 grown sons who have families of their own and who are all successful businessmen. There is nothing more for me to prove. One wife was enough for me, I still enjoy the company of women and could remarry tomorrow if I so desired. There are plenty of willing widows and divorcees around.
Your unhappy relationships don't bother me in the least. I just made the casual observation that you might have more reason than most to display your seemingly abnormal dislike of the opposite sex, which you have taken great pains to make known, to all and sundry and at every possible opportunity.
You do have an unusually vivid imagination !!
Aha. I know a couple of south african chaps living over here, and they all have one thing ... terrified of the confidence we divorced women display and the utter lack of awe we show for you neanderthal blokes.

I spent 2 years touring the UK and Europe, 1960/1961. I had a flat in Earls Court which I used as a base. Strange how experiences differ, I found the English girls to be pushovers, by far the easiest and with the lowest morals in all of Europe.
But lupins are toxic.

you never stop trying, do you?
Blue and yellow lupins contain alkaloids which were thought to be toxic. It was found that the so called ' lupin toxicosis' was in fact caused by mycotoxins excreted by a mould fungus which grows on these varieties when not properly stored.
The lupins we were all discussing are SWEET WHITE LUPINS. Now take both feet out of your mouth, look at the web page I quoted, READ it thoroughly then do a search on lupins and you will find all that I have quoted above.
But just last June you said you'd never met "Larry." ... you've not only met him but know all about him?

Yes, I met him in July or August when he gave an informal talk at a bird club meeting. A very nice person who does not put on airs. Very helpful and doesn't mind sharing his experience. he has an extremely sharp wit too.

Sure you did. No, really! I believe you.
I discussed RPB with him and he said I was wasting my time here and that the real meat was in the moderated lists, not on usenet.

If you admire "him" so much why ARE you wasting your time here instead of taking "his" expert advice?
What lists did "he" recommend? Maybe some of here would like to join and say Hi to ol' Larry..
You've grabbed the bull by the udder with the posts you quoted. The fight I had with DC. was all about grit and took place some months before that.

In Jan. of this year, in fact. After reading that and a few other gems of yours I realized you argue with virtually everybody... but still, you do have a tendency to treat women like *** more than men. BTW - Bulls don't have udders.
Do some more googling but don't forget to take your depression meds first this time.

And here's a perfect example of that tendency. What's next? Gonna call me "Fat Mama?"

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Oh, and of course it was ALL MY FAULT... I DESERVED all the hitting, spittingand yelling. WHAT was I THINKING?!

Yep, you were just sitting there and he came along and spat at you, then gave you a whack! I ... provoke the poor " B". Your record regarding 'attitude' speaks volumes in this case and it aintin your favour either.

Oh, so you're one of those people who believe the victim is at fault for the abuse they have to endure. We women deserve what we get, right? That speaks volumes about YOUR 'attitude.'
I can't think of a single man you've treated with such disrespect.

Since you are so good at ' googling', try looking up the spat I had with D.C.

I read it. Big deal. Who HASN'T had a spat with DC???!! Yours was a minor altercation compared to most.
Exactly WHAT does it explain, stupid?

If the cap fits wear it. poor mama, I think all the stress is making you loose it !

Do you mean "lose" it? Oh well, what can I expect from someone who thinks bulls have udders?
. Oh it's lovely being single and able to do exactly as I please

How about the "Hot Menopause Mamas"? Can I join too?

Hehehe, see I am going crazy!! it's probably the worry over Poppet!! You're welcome Mama, I did just post something else asking You and Hermanto quit the arguing!! I know I've got a cheek!! ;-)

I realize you're new here, Ian, so you're not used to the bickering that's inevitable when this many people, with differing opinions, "discuss" bird issues. Don't take it to heart... it's quite normal in all news groups. Actually, this one is mild compared to some!
Anyway, I've already said I'm finished with the "discussion" Herman and I were having. I can't make my point any more clearly than I already have.
I did post somewhere that Poppet is a bit out-of-sorts this evening, She's probably pretty confusedas to what's happened to ... but that's likely tobe the fluid pressure on her brain which will take some time to reduce backto normal. Ian[/nq]^0^

Well, considering how sick the little thing has been it's not surprising that it's taking awhile for her to get back to normal. And aside from the illness, the stress from vet visits and treatments must take a heavy toll as well.
It's a miracle she pulled through at all... she must be a fighter! (and VERY lucky to have a family who obviously loves her very much! and yes, I believe she KNOWS she's loved.)

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