I have two brother cats, Tc and Pepper. a stray cat has started to live in my garage its frendly and obviously does not have anywhere else to go so i want to to bring it into the family but the new cat is having a dominance battle with Pepper. Does anyone now how to bring the new cat into the family without there being a fight between the pepper and the new cat
oh wow, this is exactly what happened to my Dear Dexter. In time they will eventually get to know each other better. Our Dexter was our neighbours cat and decided to live by us from a very young age and was always on our doorstep when we got home, so we just started feeding him like he was our own, Grissom was ok with him but it was Bitsy that hardly came home due to him, but when we started to keep Dexter inside, the fact that they we're most of the time together in confined space made them get along better in time. It is hard at first but it worked until we lost our dearest Dexter that became one of our family. I hope this helps Anon and best of luck. If I was in your shoes I'd do anything to give a lovely cat a home.
one more thing, my profile pic is our Dexter we lost. Was such a lovely Cat.
I agree with the reply above. When I introduced my two cats I kept them close, but not too close for them to physically fight. They'll hiss and growl but that'll pass after a few days.

Good luck!