We rescued Winston over a year ago. Recently, i've been thinking of getting him a friend. Now i'm convinced I want another kitty..but i'm nervous/scared how Winston will react.

Our neighbor's (who have a fairly new kitten) leave their door open, but there is a screen door too. One day, they left it open and we left our front door open. Well both kitty's had a clear view of each other thru screen doors and Winston was SUPER curious about neighbor kitty. He was meowing and just staring at the door.

My question. Do you think this means he'd be ok with a new brother or sister? i'd also like to note..neighbor kitty (charlie) wanted nothing to do with him...he even hissed at him..lol but Winston would keep meowing at him and would scratch at the screen door.

heh..i have a silly kitty.

so..any advice on introducing a new kitty?

I think it's a great idea and I can actually tell you that when I adopted Lacey, I did it for Finnegan's sake. So he could have a playmate (although you wouldn't know that now, they both still need ME to amuse them!). But what I did was first look at his temperament, he's part Maine coon and part Norwegian Forest cat we think so they are pretty easy going. Then I went to the rescue league with the knowledge that it may not be that day that I found him a girlfriend (I use the term loosely, there's no hanky panky going on here).

What you want to do is look for a kitty that has a good temperament and personality, that is around his age, seems playful and easy going, etc. Where I adopted her, they have all the information of each kitty on their cages or in their play area. I almost gave up, I was there for over 2 hours looking and couldn't find one. There were some that couldn't be separated and I wasn't interested in more than one. Lacey was hiding at the top of a large cat tree up to the ceiling and when she came down she was a purr machine and all over us.

When I brought her home, I separated them for about 2 days. He hissed at first but as they kept sticking their paws under the door and sniffing each other, they really wanted to play. They fell in love instantly, I got very, very lucky! Oh! Actually a friend of mine wrote about my kitties on the Humane Society website!
Hey Angie! So that's why you were stalking petfinder! That's really great to know you're thinking of giving another cat a permanent home. Emotion: smile

We published this article today, I hope you will find it useful: Tips on introducing a new cat
You're fantastic, Angie! I think it's good Winston was curios rather than furious. I'd say get him a girlfriend (neutered of course!). Cats of different gender are more likely to fall in love with each other quickly.
thanks for the great advice..to you all! and Ruslana- what a fantastic article with lots of useful information that i really had no idea about. Now to research a perfect girlfriend for WinstonEmotion: embarrassed
With Winston being as young as he is and reacting well to the other kitten, he should adjust pretty well to a new one. If you get a kitten, the gender really shouldn't matter. However, if you want to get another cat close to his age, I would go opposite gender. Of course, it ALWAYS depends on the specific cat. You know Winston's personality so, as alfinnlay said, go to the shelter and look for one that has a similar personality. As has been said, just make sure you do a slow introduction.

Personally, with him only being 1 1/2, I would go with a kitten. It's a lot easier for everyone to adjust to each other that way. Then, the only way I see gender mattering is if Winston isn't neutered. I've had 2 females together, a male and female together and 2 males together. The best combination I've had is my current one, the 2 males. The females got along, but were never really close, same with the male/female combo. These two like to snuggle with each other, but they also run and wrestle with each other. If one has had enough, they let the other know, and then it's bath time. The bath time part is usually just the younger bathing the older, but it's still sweet and adorable. The 2 biggest factors in this are that Owyn (six) is incredibly docile and the fact that Phoenix (2) came into the house at only 4 weeks old. Now, unless you contact someone at a shelter that has kittens that have lost their mother, I would never take one that young! I love having bottle fed him and nursed him back to health, but his other option was the person who had gotten him from a farm and didn't have a clue how young or sick he was and didn't know what to do with him when she found out, or I wouldn't have had him that young!

All that said, good luck with whatever you decide to do!

*minor edit.... apparently a six in parenthesis makes a devilish smiley face! lol While Owyn can be trouble some times, I was actually trying to list his age!
Now that you got a new kitten, how did Winston react? Tell us please. Emotion: smile
Introduction went good actually. I was holding Winston and my daughter held Harry, we let them sniff each other and both seemed ok. Afterwards, we put both of them down and well Harry is a kitten so he was running around playing with his toys. Meanwhile, Winston just kept staring at him trying to figure out where the heck he came from. Seeing Winston react like that was pretty funny.
Last night was the first time they actually both snuggled up to each other and slept OH, and Winston loves grooming him. It's so cute how they play and interact with each other.
I know introduction could've been bad, so i'm thankful it went so good for us. Emotion: smile
Congratulations on your new kitty! You are so lucky they liked each other. =)