I want to install an invisible type fence in my backyard, and have a few questions:
1) Since I will be running a loop around the backyard, how can I allow thedog to get into the backyard? The door she will be leaving the house from leads to a 3' high deck. If the wire is on the ground under the deck, is that far enough away? Or can I run it through a steel pipe, or something like that?
2) Is lightning protection worth the extra $40? Is lightning a threat, anddoes the protector actually protect anything?
3) On the fence at my old house the genuine invisible fence let me findbreaks (3 over 7 years) with an AM radio. Apparently the newer ones don't work like that. Is one brand easier to find breaks than others?
4) I need only the simplist system available; I suspect simply putting upthe flags would be enough for my dog, but don't want to take the chance. Is one cheap unit better than others?

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