I am looking for a male Irish Terrier. I have made initial email contact with several breeders but none seem to be in my geographic area. ( My family and I live in Cleveland, OH ) My neighbor had an IT when I was growing up and it was a wonderful dog. I have an 8 and 11 year old and they are ready to handle some of the responsibilities of caring for the dog. Any information would be welcome, feel free to email me at (Email Removed).
I think that before you make up your mind, world-without-end-amen, on an Irish Terrier based on childhood memories, you need to do some serious reading and serious listening to breeders. This breed is not all sweetness and light.
Most people who Think they want a terrier will not "fit" well with the terrier breeds, for one reason or another. For instance, this is an "older children only" breed... best suited when all the kids are age 10 years and up. Based on size of dog, personality, and prey drive (often for other dogs... which can be problematic in the neighborhood and if the youngsters want to walk the dog). A really good 5-6 foot fence would be a necessity... no electronic gadget in it's place..

Go to the AKC website at http://www.akc.org . Click on "Breeds", then on Terrier Group, and scroll down to the Irish Terrier Club of America. Click on the name of the club..
This can be a marvelous breed, but.. the owner must be as smart and as quick as the dog... and must commit to training and to fair, firm and consistent discipline and enforcement of household rules.. 24/7 with no lapses. (But gosh, I DO love the color and the looks...)

Jo Wolf
Martinez, Georgia