Hello! They say that cat hair is harmful for people, and that human stomach cannot digest cat hair. So I try to brush all unnecessary fur out of my cat. In the past, I used to have a longhair cat. Everyone says that a cat's body is well-adapted to cat fur, but nevertheless, I still cannot understand why my cat died having choked with a ball of fur. Emotion: sad Maybe it can somehow be prevented? How often should I brush longhaired cats? I also have children and dogs and wonder if cat fur can be harmful to them anyhow.

All who respond, thank you in advance for your help.
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It depends on your cat's breed... Some breeds are less allergic than others. But I never heard that cat fur can be dangerous for people in terms other than allergy.

P.S. Sorry for your cat...
Hey Anon,

Sorry to know about your kitty. Emotion: sad

I have been living with a longhair cat for 15 years, and this never caused any problems except the necessity to clean and hover often. My cat is not purebred, by the way, it's just a street cat we rescued. Perhaps we're lucky that no one in our family has an allergy. In any case, I don't think cat hair is dangerous; it has never been so in our family at least.
No, cat fut is not dangerous unless you have an allergy or asthma (this is most dangerous with children.)
You should brush your cat every day or get it a hair cut from your vet cat hair is not harmful unless someone has allergies Ask your doctor if you start to have problems

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Cat hair in humans is detrimental to their health. It is not digestible at all and causes, systemic allergic reactions, accumulation of toxins, and digestive disorders.
AnonymousIt is not digestible
Which means the hair will leave your stomach in a natural way.
If cat hair was dangerous I'd have been dead by now! I have 3 cats and 2 of them are longhaired. You can imagine how much cleaning that means. But even with that amount of cleaning I occasionally find cat hair in my food, eyes and in my mouth, especially in the morning as sometimes the cats sleep in my bed. Cat hair could only be harmful if it has flea treatment, poison or other dangerous contaminations on it (including bacteria).
Cats swallow too much hair when they clean themselves, that's why they throw up. It may look bizarre and dangerous but it's natural. If you don't eat the same amount of hair, which you obviously shouldn't be doing, cat hair is totally safe. Allergic and asthmatic people are the only ones who should be careful.
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