I am interested in getting a new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. I am living in a huge apartment. I previously had a dog whom I've lived with for 8 years in my apartment and he loved it. I also take my dog out every chance I get. I am an outdoorsy person, and I don't like to be stuck in my apartment. However my poor dog has passed away while I was on vacation, and now doing my regular outdoor activities are rather lonely without my little guy.

I live in an apartment with my long-time boyfriend. He works full-time and I go to school-full time. I go to school nearby for anywhere from 1-4 hours a day and then the rest of the day I usually spent with my dog. My boyfriend also have his off days on days when I go to work so that he was home with our previous pooch. Also if I was leaving for more than 3 hours, I usually let my brother watch my dog, so that he is never home for extended periods of time.

That being said, now that I want a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, I will be out for school for the next 2.5 months which would be dedicated to training the puppy. I was hoping for a breed that is under 30 lbs, and does not bark too much (some barking is okay). However, some people tell me they are perfect apartment dogs, while others tell me they are prone to separation anxiety. I have owned dogs all my life but I've never owned a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel before.

I am hoping it can keep up with regular hikes, and I also go to the beach quite often. Will it be able to handle 2-3 hours (at most) at home by itself? Also how can I avoid my puppy getting separation anxiety?

I chose the breed because I heard they are very loving. My previous pup was extremely affectionate, and loved attention, but he also enjoyed his alone time looking out my balcony (I had a big balcony that was set up for a dog). He could look for hours outside on my balcony, (best fishing buddy a gal can have).

If the breed is not right for me, what would you suggest? My previous dog was a terrier (which are known to be hyper-active and difficult to train, but I managed to train him well and he was happy in my apartment).

Thank you Emotion: smile

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