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I'm asking this in an attempt to dissuade my grandmother ... Jimmy seems like a really happy, well-adjusted and playful bird.

On a bad hair day, a Macaw might kick your BUTT for smoking around it...

Jan Owen
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Subject: Is it dangerous to smoke around a macaw?

Macaws are highly flammable. Extinguish your cigarettes, don't use your cell phone, and ground yourself.
We inhale smoke into our lungs. Birds have air sacs throughout the body connected to the lungs.
What happens to smoke in the air sacs?
If Granny is sucking up 3 packs of cigs a day there's no way in hell she's gonna quite for beloved Jimmy, well, unless Jimmy is so beloved that he supercedes the rest of her kids and their spawn. Even then you're probably wasting your time, there is however a lot of articles on the net having to do with NOT smoking around your pet birds, of which I'm surprised you weren't buried from the posters in rec.pets.birds. If you still wish to fantasize that you will have any luck stopping Granny from sucking up the fags by using ol' Jimmy as a negotiation pawn try #3 on this site http://home.rochester.rr.com/thecaiques/Manual/4 parrot proofing.htm

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i know it's mostly about cats, but this article was in today's paper:

Owners causing allergies in pets
For years, household pets have been blamed for triggering allergies and asthma, but new research accuses owners of causing the same troubles in their animals.
Vets say cigarette smoke, human dandruff and dusty houses can all contribute to breathing problems in the family cat.

Certain types of cat litter and pollen brought into the home can also bring on attacks.
About one in 200 felines suffers from asthma, compared with 1 in 12 adults.

As is the case with the human form, it can be worsened by trigger particles such as dust which inflame the airways and make breathing difficult.
Symptoms include coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.

A team of feline clinicians at Edinburgh University's Hospital for Small Animals are looking at the condition in cats.
"Cats with feline asthma syndrome can be made worse by living in a household where people smoke, or where there are other potential allergens or irritants.

"We find that bringing asthmatic cats into the hospital here and removing them from the standard 'triggers' like dust and smoke can improve their condition. Also, changing cat litter from granules to a newspaper-based product can help some asthmatic animals."

Pedigree and oriental breeds like Siamese cats are more prone to the disease than the average tabby, according to the vets. The team is studying 50 pet sufferers with the hope of finding out more about a specific bacteria linked to the disease in both cats and humans. Once more is known about it, treatments could potentially be improved, they said.
LOL, so you mean you could not find any articles on second hand smoke on the net huh? Did you ... life, just as it will hers. Showing her stuff on the net is more than likely a waste of time.

Okay, fair enough. Thanks.
The bird does have a well deserved nick name as the "gentle giant" because they do have a reputation as ... if it chose to, probably remove a finger. They can bond very well with humans, and make a great pet.

I won't disagree with you there. Jimmy is big, blue and dopey. He just wants to be stroked and cuddled.
Um does this person have a brain?
Ohh yeah why not take out pet bird to a pub or even better stick its head in our exhaust pipe!
Yeah smoke is not dangerouse at all!
Its good for your bird...
Sorry if i seemed harsh ..
I didnt mean to offend you.
I hope yor grandmother stops it.
Ill tell you one little thing that might help if you can get yoru gran out, go to a vet with her, and before you go ask the vet if its ok yo ugo there for 5 minutes just for a chat ... It should cost you nothing if the vet has any decency, he/she will tell you and yoru gran about the dangers of smokeing, i just got off the phone with my local ver here and he really said it does cause a lot of damage to the bird, mainly physical, but even mental.

Hope this suggestion helps
Sorry if i seemed harsh .. I didnt mean to offend you. I hope yor grandmother stops it. Ill tell ... reallysaid it does cause a lot of damage to the bird, mainly physical, but evenmental. Hope this suggestion helps xx

Mental? I wonder what happens if Gran smokes cannabis?
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