Is hydrocortisone cream toxic to dogs?
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yes, you should never apply anything like that to any pet! What would you be using it for? I can give you some other ideas.
My dog has an itching rash on his belly and our vet said that cream can relieve his condition the moments itching gets too bad. But he didn't tell us it was toxic. Emotion: sad What other ideas do you have? The rash is caused by an allergy and we've removed a new bed that was presumably causing it so we're hoping it'll go away soon but he's still itching bad at times.
7 our of 10 times that kind of rash and itching believe it or not has to do with diet. Are you feeding him a grain free diet? I see this A LOT with both cats and dogs who were never meant to eat grains. Dogs can have some but really still should't. If you switch him to a high quality protein, grain free diet, that is one step. Another step is to use clear aloe vera gel. You can get that at any drug store or even Walmart, but make sure it's CLEAR and the only ingredient is aloe vera. I never understood them recommending that cream as it's toxic for anything to ingest. It even states it on the box! Also think about switching the shampoo you use on him. Tropiclean has some great ones for allergies that would be more gentle and probably not make him itch by stripping his oils. Make sure you are not cleaning your floors with anything toxic. Use vinegar and water, it works FABULOUS and is not toxic to them. I know this all sounds extreme but I see this A LOT! Animals are becoming more and more sensitive to all the chemicals we use from day to day and to their diets.
hydrocortisone cream is good to use on pets when they itch bug bites, but make sure that after applying it you watch them so they don't lick it off, if they have that habit, get them a cone. Apply once a day for a week and make them wear the cone so they don't ingest to much of it, if they only get a little bit in their mouth they should be fine though. other remedies for itching in pets can be pure eucalyptus oils (which isn't toxic to animals). I use human grade Hydrocortisone on my cat who is extremely sensitive to bug bites, it shows great improvement and the cortisone 10 works great because it also has antibiotics which can help treat them if they get infected
It is not toxic to ur dog u will be fine . We put it on my dog for a rash and he was fine. Don't worry
We put hydrocortisone cream on our dog and he licked it and is now violently ill. Do no let your dog ingest this through the mouth. Very bad reaction and vomiting.
my dog just chewed up a half empty tube of aathletes foot foot fungle cream what should i do I've no money for vet
My dog just did the same thing. How long did the vomiting last?
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