So, I stumbled upon this video and I was wondering how it works. I guess it has something to do with the reflex that make kittens stay still while their mother picks them up to relocate them. However, it looks kind of cruel. I'd like to know if this is safe method and if it hurts the cat. I think it would be a solution when I want to trim their claws, for instance.
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No, I don't think it's safe... Imagine your finger caught in the clip, that really hurts. Emotion: sad The cat must be so still because it's in pain... I would never try it on my cat (on any cat, actually).
What on earth???!!! Why do people have to do things like this? HHHHIIIISSSSSS
I think cats do have that reflex but this is too much.
Yes, that's what I thought but as it was performed by a professional vet, maybe it was some kind of common procedure I didn't know. The cat on the video doesn't look like she's in pain, though. Anyways, I'm not gonna try this on my kitties Emotion: shake
It doesn't hurt them, That is one of the strongest areas in their body's and that's how mothers carry their kittens and they use sharp teeth! it does not hurt them AT ALL. plus she was calm to begin with, In fact if that she was stressed she would get up and run away, it does not actually paralyze or "deactivate" them they can move and hurt you really bad if they really want to.

Have any of you seen a rabbit paralyzed?? They will literally freeze! but it is also very safe and a great way to bond with them.

and I would not try and trim your cats claws while doing that HE WILL HURT YOU ! Emotion: ninjathe best way to do it is wrap them in a blanket and hold them tight with your legs (most important thing to make a cat feel safe is to have his feet touch something) and have only one paw at a time out of the blanket, start by massaging his feet a bit and feeding him treats while doing it, and talking to him in a sweet voice, let him sniff the clippers first and even pet him with them and then go on to clipping, that is the best way to do it, my cat will actually purr sometimes when I trim his nails or just fall asleep if I decide to to take time and file his nails or something, because it's become such a fun and rewarding thing for him! Emotion: big smile If anyone is interested Eliot really needs a trim and some new caps so I could show you how I do it.
Joleen Cohenthat's how mothers carry their kittens and they use sharp teeth
Well, that's a good point I guess.
And I didn't know rabbits had that too, I bet it looks kind of scary! Emotion: surprise I still grab my kittens by their scruff sometimes and they don't seem to be in pain nor bothered. I wouldn't do it with their momma, though. Luckily, she's very docile and doesn't seem to be upset while I trim her claws...but the kittens, oh boy! I should definitely try the blanket thing with them.

Thanks for your advice, Joleen. It was very helpful Emotion: smile
I rarely do that to my cat unless I need to. for example yesterday he decided he wanted to explore the garage at 11 at night, and wouldn't come in because he wasn't done smelling everything in there, so I had to go reach over some bikes to get to where he was sitting to bring him inside, to try and lift him from somewhere else would just be a pain! Emotion: surprise

you could actually hold dogs and rabbits the same way, but that's not going to "deactivate" them.

Here is an example of a "hypnotized" rabbit

As long as you touch them they will stay that way it will make any rabbit super calm and (that's when I used to trim my rabbit's nails too) if you don't touch them at all for about 10-20 seconds they will suddenly bounce and flip over Emotion: smile
I wish you could do the same with a cat sometimes haha
Omg, I just died of love with that bunny!! Emotion: heart
I actually try to trim their claws when they are sleepy and not in a playful mode, or else they will freak out (they don't bite me, fortunately!)
That was some really interesting information, thanks again! Emotion: big smile
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