Hi guys. Please don't sail into me for such a question. I know this is a delicate question and I need a second opinion. We got a puppy a few weeks back and now it's time to decide to neuter him or not. We're not planning to mate him so the question is do we really have to neuter? I'm in doubt because I wouldn't want anyone to neuter ME (wtf??) and we don't usually neuter kids because the planet is getting overpopulated! How ethical is that? Besides I'm not going to let him mate so it's unlikely there will be any more pups. Please let me know what you think.

Neutering is necessary to reduce the influence of hormones on the dog's behaviour. Yes you can leave the dog unneutered but you'll have to mate it twice a year so that the dog's instincts are fulfilled. Otherwise the accumulating sexual energy may upset the dog and stimulate various unwanted behaviours including aggression. It's not a question of ethics, it's a question of what's better for the animal. Unneutered and unmated canines are more likely to develop prostate cancer when they grow older.

if you don't neuter you have to mate the dog. if this is not in your plans neutering helps the animal stay calm and balanced. what happens to humans when they don't burn off their sexual energy? same happens to dogs.