Do you think it is okay to give a pet to someone as a Christmas present?
Uhh no.

Unless they know you're giving it to them and they actually WANT a pet.
I think it is only okay when the people know you're going to give them a pet, and they're ready for a long term commitment. Otherwise the pet can end up in the street, shelter or worse.
Agree with the above, not unless it's clearly communicated from the receiving end that it's wanted.

Agree it is great to give a Perfect pet
You should not give someone a pet unless they have been talking about one or clearly want one.
you can give them a perfect polly
Pet's are not a good choice for a present. Yes every pet owner once dreamed of opening that box with a puppy or kitty inside but the truth is holidays are too hectic. It is very stressful on the animal. When getting a new pet they should have all attention for a while until they get used to their new surroundings and people. Hope this helps...