There are some spots on my back yard where weeds are a nightmare and I've been thinking about some Pathclear weedkiller product to deal with them. What's stopping me is the thought about my own cat and my neighbor's cats. I often see them walk there and I wouldn't want to risk their health while I cannot think of anything to make them avoid the area. Should I just leave it as is?
Very good question. Pesticides are EXTREMELY toxic and dangerous to pets. Think about anything that is a nerve agent and meant to kill a living thing. It applies to even us! Suck in enough pesticides and we will get sick. What I do to kill weeks is put pure white vinegar in a spray bottle and go out when it's hot and sunny. Spray it directly on the weeds and believe me it will crumble those things up. You may have to spray it a couple of times but it's completely safe for any pets or anything else that goes out there! Emotion: smile
Thanks for the idea! But vinegar has very strong smell, I wonder if it will be repulsive to the cats too?
does that matter? As long as they are safe it shouldn't be a question. besides the smell doesn't stay, I wash my floors with vinegar and water.
Well yeah of course it doesn't matter. I was only curious. Emotion: smile
Seriously the smell wears off fast anyway. I have two kitties and vinegar is the safest cleaning agent to use so I use it often to wash my floors and clean my kitchen. Emotion: yes

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