how playful is your cat? jake loves playing and he'll hardly refuse an invitation to play but sometimes he does, when he's sleepy for example ^_^ how about your cats? do they love playing or more laid back?
Barsik was quite playful when he was younger. He used to chase my feet at any nice opportunity and that was really scary, considering I was a kid. Emotion: giggle Usually he didn't let his claws out though. He also loved to play with candy wrappers. Now he's laid back... well, 17 years is not a joke!
Owyn hasn't ever really been overly playful. When he was little, he'd play some with us and never really with any toys. The dogs would decide it was play time occasionally and he'd just deal with it, but otherwise play was rare.

Phoenix on the other hand, has always been very playful! He LOVED playing with Angel (my husky we lost last year). She would chase him around and poke at him with her nose and, being with her from 4 weeks of age, he was never afraid of her, so he had a great time with it. He will occasionally play with Brenna, but she's a bit more rough as she thinks she can wrestle with him the way she does with the other dogs! He'll play with us, with or without toys. He'll attack our moving hands under a blanket and just wrestle with our hands, kicking with his back legs and biting at us (never hard). He also loves his toys. When he was little, he loved stuffed animals. Now, he doesn't play with them as much, but that's partially Brenna's fault as she plays with them a lot and bathes them. He has one specific one that he still plays with because it's always been his favorite, so we don't let her mess with it. He also likes cat toys with bells in them, he loves the noise. But, they have to have holes or slits in them so he can get his teeth in them to pick them up. He has to be able to bring them to me because, even though my dogs never have, he loves to play fetch!
One of my cats is very playful..she likes to chase everything that moves..her brother Tapioca is a bit more laid back, nothing can stan between him and his nap, but he really loves chasing butterflies and bugs..then there´s Mr Otis,he just watches the other to play while he´s in his favourite spot ♥
My kids NEVER stop! It's really tiring sometimes, have I mentioned they NEVER stop?! But at least they have each other, it really helps but I also think they just keep energizing each other and exchange batteries Emotion: big smile