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Good luck.
I'm probably the last person you would want or expect to reply to you. But, I do believe that I can understand very well what you are going through.
I am a breast cancer survivor, since 1998. I can still remember how terrified I was when it was confirmed. LIke you, it was not self pitty, it was many emotions all revolving together, fogging my mind. At that time, I chose to tell only a hand full of people, still don't talk about it much to this day, except for now.
I also can relate to what it's like having to re-home your birds. When Doug passed away, I found myself in just this situation. I knew that I could not, would not, spend another winter in Michigan. I prayed, I thought, and through the powers that be, I was given the opportunity to come back home to Florida. I first had to find homes for
15 birds, we had 31 then. My friends in Michigan helped me so much,just as your internet friends will help you.
There is always hope and prayers are answered. I was not so sure of this when Doug passed, but I do know it is true. Some days are real hard to get through and other days go well. There are still days when tears come uncontrollably, but I take it one day at a time and now have made new friends who help me through the rough days. I was reminded by my dear brother in law, to count my blessings. It may not seem like you have many right now, but when your able to see things more clearly, you will realize just how many blessings you have.
If you happened to see my other post, then you know I was thinking about You & Doug. Take care.
I'm really sorry to hear this. I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

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