Visit the original post and see more of her in Kokoro Purrs Blog . Emotion: smile
Lol that's hilarious! Emotion: big smile Really well done, hope you entertain us some more soon! Oh and beautiful Ragdoll!
Nice one! Emotion: big smile Your cat really likes to pose, I wish mine did the same eh! Loved the comments too. [Ye]
Shanks bery much! Mum and I have fun doing them. Well I have fun being difficult and making mum bribe me with treats. ~^..^~
Thanks so much. My webcomic goes out every other Monday, Video the last Monday and random blogs on the other. We're in the process of moving over to WordPress, but so many thing keep getting in the way, like chasing flies, tackling unsuspecting pedestrians...
This looks like a really cool place to hang out! Koko and I are looking forward to the "smelly" experience! ~^..^~
Very sweet comic and Kokoro you are adorable Emotion: smile Never stop tackling the pedestrians, they deserve it! Emotion: wink