Name Parson Jack Russell, Jack Russell Terrier Wire-Haired Fox Terrier registered AKC- have their traditions 1850-70s. Challenge them to go after the fox in his hole in the ground, and they're known for her kindness to leave the quarry alive. Easily be seen in action when they are able to move faster than your body can handle it efficiently with its white color that is so flexible in performance hunting fox dens underground.

Black, tan and / or brown markings, which are mostly white, "broken", its sturdy, sleek coat or layer with the color of which can be easily distinguished, As. AKC standards or the 12.14 inches - - Work as themselves, from 10-15 inches at the withers Dogs Jack Russell Terrier Jack Russell Terrier Club showed a size range described by the rule book in America.

Jack Russell Terrier is a very intelligent, daring confidence in living and hunting dogs are perceived as almost, happy and alert. As a partner, but they are very dynamic and powerful, though, is not enough - at least not the ideal pet - for everyone.

It is widely, if they are not well-trained hunting dogs due to their nature, such as they are hamsters, gerbils, and cats, dogs and small pets at the other seems to show their aggression. Moreover, the outer bark and well-channeled and is not released into the environment, its innate love of mine will take place at the cost of some beloved home furnishings.

In addition, the race also shyness, lack of interest, too aggressive, poor muscle tone, and shows weaknesses in terms of the lack of resistance or lung reserve.

On the other hand, when shown from control despite its aggressiveness, Jack Russell Terrier is a dog behaves well with people, with their gentle and caring nature can make a wonderful family pet - especially children, who they are and learn a trick or two to play with them as quickly as the Terriers would be round.

Jack Russell Terrier stables and horse owners are great value. Due to a very comfortable suburban and rural environments who inherited from their ancestors in England as fox hunting instincts to negotiate for horses. Being around horses and they cite the mice, rats, marmots, and other pests, chasing his affection, makes a home Jack Russell Terrier's most prized asset.

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