My 7yo Jack Russell is a nightmare when I have visitors over!, He is generally a good dog but does like things his own way. We keep him behind a baby gate when inviting someone in because otherwise he will jump up and nip people's hands (but not in a nasty way, just excitable). When we do let him in he barks at someone a few times then settles down and goes on about his own business. But until we let him in to meet people he will just bark and bark and whine even if someone comes over to the gate to pat him (which he has no problem with, he's friendly about it). And then he still just barks in their face all panicked kind of ignoring that he's getting their attention anyway, Also even worse is the fact that he was never exposed to children as a pup and now can't tolerate them being in his environment and won't stop barking the entire time someone is visiting with children. And since we don't know how he'd react around them we can't let him in to meet and greet like we can with adults to settle things down.

I just don't know what to do anymore, I've tried sending him out to the back yard, keeping him in a quiet separate room, keeping him on a leash beside me......just nothing works apart from letting him into the room visitors are in so he can run around their feet then he's okay but this isn't maintainable when people don't want a dog running around them during dinners or chatting over coffee.

Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated.

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