hi all.. jake has been having diarrhea and vomitting for the past 2 days... he doesn't eat anything and i'm worried. Emotion: sad there are however some good (as I think) signs: he drinks water fine and diarrhea occasions are not often, only once a day. same for vomitting. today diarrhea happened in the evening and it was mixed with some farting.. it looked like he himself was very puzzled and maybe even scared of the sounds. does it sound like food poisoning? but i didn't give him any new food... can you please give me some advice.
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It "could" be food poisoning, but we have no way of knowing for sure. If it is, then it should pass on its own in a short time. As long as he is drinking fine, you won't have to worry too much about him becoming dehydrated. Just watch out for any signs of deteriorating health, and if you should notice anything unusual, then get him to a vet right away to be checked over. Also have him checked if it lasts any longer than another day or two. Food poisoning will usually run its course within about four days.

When you buy your food, do you check the expiration date? Do you always buy the same food? Did the company recently change their recipe? Was there any sign of damage (mice chewing, people tampering, etc.) to the bag at the time of purchase? Any of these things could be a contributor to his diarrhea and vomitting.
thanks justabrat for your reply.. yes i check the expiration date and i usually but the same dry food. not sure if the company changed their receipe and there was no signs of damage on the pack. the only thing i can think of is that a couple of days before it started i bought him a can of whiskas.. i know this is not the best food and i do not usually give it to him. i only give it to him as an accasional treat, very rare. because he seems so glad when he gets it.

this morning there's been no vomitting nor diarrhea but he's still quiet (usually he meows a lot trying to wake me up) and doesn't eat anything. he sleeps most of the time. this morning he came to me for a cuddle, stretched and yawned, i was so happy to see this little ask for attention. then when i was stroking his tummy he purred. i'll keep you posted.
I'm happy to hear that he seems to be feeling a bit better. I'll look forward to updates. Emotion: smile

The can of whiskas could be the culprit. I took all of my animals off of retail brand pet foods a while back for this very reason. They were all having some sort of health-related issues because of eating retail foods ...

Brat (my Siamese) was puking every time he ate, Bailey and Goldie (Maine Coon mixes) had allergy symptoms around their ears, and Koco (Collie/Chow mix) had muscle weakness.

Since switching them all to holistic food all of these health problems have vanished, so you may want to think about switching your kitty's diet, and keep away from retail pet foods for him.

Holistic food will cost you more, but your cat will eat less, so it balances out in the end. He will also poop less, which reduces how much scooping you have to do. [Ye]
jake has had no diarrhea nor vomitting today. he refused chicken broth that i tried to give him but instead ate a small piece of boiled chicken which is nice. otherwise all is still the same.. i'm still worried because even though he at least ate a tiny bit today he's still quiet and less active than usual. well i guess i just won't feel totally fine till he's totally ok.

i'm not sure if i can find holistic food here but i'll have a look, thanks.
I'm glad that he ate a little chicken. However, if he's still not feeling any better by tomorrow, then I would take him to see the vet.

To find holistic food in your area, Google the term "holistic food" to get different brand names. Then Google those names to find retailers close to you.

Good luck with Jake, and keep us posted on his progress.
i think he's getting better ^_^ slowly but he does. he's slightly more active today, wants more cuddles and eagerly ate 2 pieces of boiled chicken again. that's still not much but i really felt glad. ^_^
by the way this made me thoughtful... if a cat loses appetite, what can cause that except food poisoning? Emotion: thinking
I'm so relieved to hear that Jake is feeling better! [Ye]

Just as with humans, many things can cause a loss in appetite ... such as feeiling bored or depressed, too hot, upset stomach, etc.
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