I have the latest java installed but it keeps saying that I don't have the correct version of java installed when I try to insert an image on the forums, this is happening to firefox/opera and chrome. any ideas?
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Does it only happen when you try to attach pictures to a post, or when you try to upload them to your gallery too?
I just checked and yes it is also not working with uploading to gallery
Since when do you think you've been having this problem? Can you please check what Java version you have? (Mine is java console 6.0.22 and all seems fine, not sure if it's the latest one)
OK I see that the latest version is 23. Let me try to install it now and we'll see if I have this problem too.
Test picture:

Hmmm looks like it's fine at my end even with the latest Java version. I'll ask our developers what can cause it and will get back to you soon.
thanks ruslana
Can you please follow this link and see whether Java works correctly for you?


If it doesn't, you'll have to reinstall it. Well, even if it says it's fine, I'd try reinstalling it. Emotion: smile
Ok, I have found out now that even though I have two types of Java installed, my opera and chrome browser work fine, it is firefox that was giving me problems, so much for the best browser. I have always liked Opera the best and Chrome 2nd. thanks Ruslana for all the help.
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