I have a jealous boston terrier...Over the past week he has been going #1 and #2 in the house...Once even on the baby's bed!!! I love my dog, but I cannot have this. It's disgusting. What can I do to stop it???

Background:Kipper has been a very needy dog since the day I brought him home. When he was a puppy trying to get used to being crated for 4 hour periods while I was at work he had very bad separation anxiety which is not uncommon for the breed. He would go #2 in the crate and cry and moan so loud it sounded like a newborn baby crying. I would hear him on my way out the door and on my way back in after work.

The neighbor said he didn't stop much while I was gone. It was aweful. We lived in that apartment on week days and at my boyfriends house on the weekends. At the bf's place there was a female chihuahua he didn't like at all. Kipper would pee on the floor and go #2 every now and then. He was given the same attention. The2 dogs didn't get along at all. The female chi had a little of chi pups.My BF gave me the runt of the litter. Kipper and the runt got along very well. I named him Buzzie. Buzzie was so tiny. But, because Buzzie was not trained because he was a baby, Kipper further regressed and started having accidents at my place too. I tried to train them both. Then my BF and I broke up and I was back in the dating scene and taking one night class a week. So that meant more time alone for the pups.

They spent too much time alone. It was terrible. So, they were both very mad at me and continued to have accidents. Then I met my current BF. We hung out a lot together. Went out at night together, etc. Dogs hated it. Finally my BF and I moved in together. My grandmas chi died at the same time. Trying to train Buzzie and re-train Kipper was too much. I gave buzzie to grandma who is retired and loves him to death. He is her baby abd he needed the constant attention I cannot give him.

So, I think kipper liked being an only dog again. BF and I moved into a house with a fenced back yard. Kipper was on cloud 9. The accidents stopped immediately. He was calming down. Doing great. He was a normal 2-year-old dog. Some fiestiness in him, but a good trained dog. Then my BF and I got full custody of his 18-month-old baby. So obviously dinner time, bath-time, diaper changing time, play time, story time, all takes away from Kipper time. Now, I believe this is making kipper jealous.

It didn't show up right away. We have had full custody for 3 months now. Kipper just started acting out by going #1 and #2 on the floor since we got back from our 4 day camping trip. On that trip my mom (not a dog owner) watched him at her place for me. He was agreat dog for them too. My mom was very impressed at how good he had become. Then we get back from the trip. Since then he has peed a number of times in the dinning room, pooped in the dinning room once, and peed on the baby's bed!! I don't understand.

What do I do. This cannot continue. It is not sanitary. I try so hard to spend extra time with him. He cries to get in my lap every night when I am sitting in the chair or on the computer. He is 30# but I still let him get up because he is so cute. I give him kisses on his head. I say " I love you Kipper MOnster. He curls up on em for a nap. He sleeps in the bed between my legs at night with my BF and me. I sneak him treats like a slice of ham or piece of block cheese when no one is looking.

I through his toy to him a few times when he asks me to by holding it in front of his face. He is crated while we are at work. 9 hours per day. But it is a huge 4 foot by 4 foot crate. We also go out for an hour or so a couple of night a week to get groceries or stop by my BF's parents or friends. We don't stay out long because the baby has to have a bath and go to bed by 8:30 because he has to be up at 7:15 every morning. I know Kipper had a really rough forst year and a half, but he was doing soo good..I don't understand why he has so drastically regressed again since Thanksgiving weekend.

Our current habits have been unchanged since we moved into the house 3 months ago...So why NOW has Kipper started acting out? More importantly HOW DO I FIX IT FAST BEFORE MY BF DROPS HIM OFF AT THE POUND?? Kipper is my BABY!
Please Help!
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I have a jealous boston terrier...Over the past week he has beengoing #1 and #2 in the house...Once even on the baby's bed!!! I love my dog,but I cannot have this. It's disgusting. What can I do to stop it???

Some dogs find it stressful living with a child and get upset at changes. Have you thought of asking your mum if she would give him a home?
No. She will not. When she watched him he was leash-bound indoors and out.
I have a jealous boston terrier

Ok. Start acting like a responsible adult, start treating him like a dog and not a baby and get some training done! Neutered? Obedience training? Anything but cooing at him? Scheduling and structure are the keys to successful dog raising. It doesn't sound like he's had much of either. Dogs thrive on consistency and in his 2 little years, your life has been all over the map. Start stabilizing your life in order to fix his issues. And a BF who would even threaten dropping off at the pound? Well..

Janet B
I have a jealous boston terrier.

oh yeah - "Childproofing Your Dog" would be a good book for you to pick up. It may help put things in perspective for you.

Janet B
Nine hours a day for a Boston to be crated is horrific. They are a high energy dog, physically and mentally. And with all the things going on in your life, Kipper is getting the shaft. It doesn't sound like it's intentional, but in Kipper's mind...he doesn't know where he stands. I have a Boston. And two other Rat Terriers. I recognize the fact that they are all needy...that's the nature of their basic personalities, they get very attached to their "people".

Kipper is not peeing/pooping because he is jealous, Kipper is peeing/pooping because you are distracted (yes, I know, you mean well, and you try). In all honesty, Kipper would be waay better off if you rehomed him..and his new family had the time to devote what's necessary to a Boston. Bostons have super personalities, but are quite demanding..but because they are so special, they deserve every bit of attention that they ask for. Not flaming you one bit, but for Kipper's sake, either rehome him or move him waay up on your priority list.

Well, I really don't get the last post. I don't understand why people have to be such jerks on forums. And I do not even get what the heck the person is talking about. Seems everyone is willing to throw a punch in the dark when no one can see them. I believe half the people who choose to be so bold on forums are hermits in real life. I am convinced forums are an outlet for shy people.Anyway, about my Kipper. Things WERE very crazy for the first year and a half of Kipper's life. As soon as I got him my life just started taking all kinds of twists and turns I could not prevent. You think when you graduate college and get a REAL job, things finally start falling in place. Through college, I was only interested in getting a high GPA and a B.A. degree and getting out of there. So I never dated and hardly even hung with my friends. I graduated, got a job, got an apartment, settles into a routine, then got my Kipper.

That's when things started to get crazy. I met someone, I signed up for a fun art class, I started staying over at his place on the weekends, my lease ended and the complex wanted to up the rent to much, I got a second puppy, the holidays came and I stayed with grandma for a few months, then I got my new apartment, I broke up with the BF when he left for WV and tried to get me to do a long distance relationship, I started dating again, I met someone again, I fell in love, my grandma's dog dies so the new puppy went to live with her, we got a house together, we got his son back with us full-time, we got engaged.

As I tried to explain to anyone who read the first post, the first year and a half of Kipper's life DID suck...so did mine. But, our lives are finally coming together. For the first time Kipper is no longer apartment bound. He has a fenced back yard. And, I can finally take him out in the front yard and he stays right with us. He listens VERY well to MY Commands and also to my BF's. He is a little high strung but thats due to the breed and the fact that he is still young.

He does not need obedience class. The only problem with Kipper since we moved into the house and started a routine is that for the past few days he has been peeing on the carpet. He was very good last night, but I showed him A LOT of attention. That's what he wants. Attention. So, for the person who said to get a routine, I have one and have had one for the past 6 months now. I do not BABY Kipper, but I DO show him affection. He is my very first puppy ever.

I never had a dog growing up. Anyway, I will not give Kipper up. Ever! My BF nows that. Thats why his threats are empty. He wouldn't really take him to the pound behind my back. But, the threats mean he is getting fed up with Kipper. Anyway, last night was a good night. Kipper was a very good dog. I do not know how to explain the string of accidents that started last weekend, but I hope they have stopped. Also, Kipper will always be crated for 9 hours a day.

It's just the way it is. I do not feel guilty. Due to his separation anxiety he will distroy anything he can if I leaving him alone outside his crate. His crate has become a comfort for him. His crate will fit 4 dogs his size comfortably. It is very large. It's actually one of those outdoor dog pens (but I converted it to be an indoor crate by making a plywood floor to the pen). It's very open. No dark plastic walls. It is the equivalent of an average sized bedroom for an adult.

And it has his food, water, toy bucket with all his favorite squeeky toys, his favorite pillow and blanket. Now that it is winter, I also lay a comforter down on the floor of the crate. I am about 110-115 lbs and 2 of me can fit in this crate. It is huge. So huge everyone who comes in the house comments on it. I actually have to crawl totally inside it to clean it. We have a very steady routine. Kipper and I get up at 6:30am, Kipper goes potty outside then comes back in, I get ready for work while kipper catches a few more zzz's in bed, I fill Kipper's food and water, give him Kiss and put him in the crate, I shut the door to the crate and the room the crate is in.

I leave the light on in the room, I get the baby ready to go to grandma's, we leave for the day at 7:30am, I get home at 5pm, I let Kipper out of the crate and let him out to go potty, I play with him, fill his water in the kitchen, I wait for BF to get home, at 6pm we go and pick up the baby together, we usually come straight home, sometimes we stop at walmart or my BF's friends for a few. We come home, I relax for an hour with Kipper in my lap, I either sit on the papason shair, at the computer desk, or on the couch with BF and watch TV.

Then, I get up (about 8pm)to give baby a bath and put him to bed. Baby goes to bed at 8:30. I relax some more. Kipper usually cries for me to hold him in my lap unless I am already sitting on the floor then he curls up next to me. BF and I go to bed at about 10pm. Kipper sleeps between my legs.
He has had a lot of training. He is very well behaved asside from the recent accidents. He is VERY VERY smart. Everyone who meets his says so. He obeys all the basic commands: No. Sit. Stay. Lay down, roll over, paw Emotion: shake. He actually DOES understand sentences. He cannot do two part commands though. He knows to stay in his unfenced front yard and not go out into the street. If the gate is open in the back he runs arround to the front door and waits.

If he has to go potty he sits at the door. When he is done going potty he "knocks" to come in. And, by knocking I mean he paws at the door knob. He also talks...That is common of bostons. It means instead of traditional barking to get his point across he actually makes little growlly noises. He doesn't just obay these commands for treats either. He obeys them to please me. Kipper is well behaved and smart. He even knows not to take a treat unless I say so.

If someone puts a treat in front of him and I say "Kipper, NO" He just wines, but he doesn't take it. Sometimes he yells at me for being so mean. For those of you who have a boston, you know what I mean by wining and yelling. They talk. It's different from the verbal communications of any other type of dog accept maybe a pug. It's not barking. They save barking for protecting there people from strangers only. Anyway, anyone with a boston knows they are very human-like.

I call Kipper my little Pinocchio.

Anyone who thinks I am crazy or a bad doggy mommy FINE. Keep it to yourself. I am not giving him up so I am trying to find out what the problem is and how to fix it. It's not simply routine because we have had this routine for 6 months now and he did great up until the day after we came back from camping.
Constructive criticism only!!
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