I have a neighbor who owns a beautiful doberman. Now, I work from home and desk is by a window at the entrance of the apartments, and so I can always see who comes and goes. Would you believe that, over the past year or so, I have only seen her take the dog out TWICE!? And when she does, you can actually smell that the dog was in the lift, she smells so bad! Makes me feel sorry for the dog that she never gets out! That must be so unhealthy, I wish there was something I could do! People like that shouldn't own a dog.
That's horrible!

You could probably call the police. Even anonymously. If it smells bad, then the apartment is most likely harmful to the dog.
Hi that first post was mine, Yes I am thinking about at least calling the SPCA or someone but something is nagging at me that it's none of my business.......?
If an animal is being abused, it's everyone's business. But don't call the SPCA. They can't do anything, call the police.
call the AAS they will help
The ISPCA will help of course they will that's cruelty. Dogs needs us carding for them. I have reported loads of people and the ISPCA took care of ever one incident I reported Teresa