hi i recently bought two birds a budgie and a lovebird the man who sold them said they can't live without each other so should be kept in the same cage. but now that they're in my home the lovebird keeps bugging and kinda attacking the budgie so i'm no more sure about what the man said. please advice! i'm at a loss Emotion: sad
You have to separate them immediately!! Budgies and lovebirds should NEVER be kept in the same cage and what the man told you is nonsense. Emotion: zip it Budgies are flock birds while lovebirds are very territorial and they can easily harm budgies with their strong beaks. Budgies have no "weapon" to respond as their beak is much weaker. If you let them fly in the room, this also should be done separately and you had better supervise it because a lovebird can easily damage a budige's legs if the latter has landed onto the cage.
My budgie and lovebird are always together. They are good friends. Ive never seen them attack each other before. Will they only attack when they are older because now they are babies.🐣
Currently I have a male budgie and a female lovebird. I have 2 cups each for water and food. The lovebird chases the budgie but never hurts him. He moves from cup to cup. Good exercise for both of them. Last year I had a female budgie and a male lovebird. She was laying eggs and loved to preen him. He could care less & didn't fertilize her. So it all depends.

My Budgie has been living in a small cage with 2 other lovebirds. We soon noticed that the lovebirds started ripping feathers out of savannah (Budgie). We got them a bigger cage to fly around in, but the lovebirds kept on chasing her! I recently had to put her in their old cage for some time off. Please. I don't know what to do!