Hi guys!

This is going to sound bizarre maybe, but still (I just can't help starting such a thread lol).

Do you collect/keep your cat's or your dog's shed whiskers, nails, teeth or anything else maybe?

Alfinnlay just mentioned she keeps her cats' whiskers and that made me remember we used to keep Barsik's milk teeth (when he lost them in kittenhood) and also shed nails. I just can't believe cat lovers from different corners of the world have such similar habits! Emotion: giggle
I've never found any of Eliot's baby teeth, I could imagine keepin them in a little container if I did. As for whiskers he doesn't really have any.. this winter about 3-4 of them grew pretty long (like 1 cm) I doubt I could find them when they fall out though..and as for his nails because of the lack of hair he has huge dirt build ups on his nails that I have to clean every week, Most of the time the nails he shed come off with a huge chunk of dirt or fall out with his nail caps so I don't think I want to keep a huge chunk of dirt in a jar Emotion: big smile
Ahaha Ruslana what a topic! Honestly speaking this idea never occurred to me so I am late to collect Miky's baby teeth!
I remember finding a tooth or two from one of my cats, but I never kept them. I was tempted to keep whiskers, but never did... Nails? I would have needed a huge jar! 3 cats over a 12 year period, that's a lot of nails Emotion: big smile
I never found any of Owyn's, but I have one of Phoenix's baby teeth. Not that she was a cat, but I have one of Angel's (my husky) baby teeth. I also have a small tuft of her hair, being a husky, that was easy to collect, I could just pluck it off of her in the spring when she started to blow her coat. I've never thought about whiskers or nails.