Hello all, I was wondering if it's ok to keep a rabbit outside and what temperature extremes they can tolerate. I live south so the summers get hot and long!
You can definitely keep your rabbit outside, but do take some precautions to avoid your baby suffering heat stroke.

Be sure that the pen is shaded, and if you have access to electricity nearby, then plug in a fan to keep the air moving. Run an extension cord if you have to. During particularly hot days, put a bag of ice in the pen for your bunny to snuggle up to, and keep a fresh supply of cold water for drinking.
infact it is best to keep a rabbit outside, they stay much happier n healthier that way, as long as the garden is green enough with fence good enough to stop the rabbit from running out. the only danger being stray dogs or cats, but from my experience the rabbit always wins. as for the heat, the rabbit will find its own shade n if it still feels uncomfortable it'll come back inside on its own.
n yeah, they do dig burrows n sometimes vanish into them Emotion: smile but its a joy to see them do tht.
Thanks for the tips!
Erm, I don't have any grass outside (in my climate no one really does because it'll burn out in summer unless you're rich and have the money to spend on tons of water to keep it green)... it's just an area of tiles and some plants in pots.
Currently it would have plenty of shade, but I will wait and see how the rest of the summer is to see how the sun moves, because I don't remember if throughout ALL summer the area will have at least one shaded spot.

Thanks again!
Hi Anon! It's funny you asked this, because I'm in the same situation. I also only have a back yard which is tiled and has pots with plants in it. And I also live in a hot (mediterranean) country. And I'm also looking into getting a rabbit Emotion: wink
We're planning to do some awning this month so that we have an area that's constantly shaded (and also to keep 2 of our rooms cooler and protected from the sun) and then I will slowly start looking around for outside cages and then the rabbit itself.

I hadn't gotten a rabbit so far because I have no shaded areas, which I think is THE most important thing. So if you don't have any either... see if you can build something where the rabbit can seek some shade during the hottest hours.