I've been wanting to get an English Bulldog forever now. I've done plenty of research and I know it's the dog for me. I only have one other dog, a very loved Yorkie. I live with my mom in a medium sized apartment with lots of other dogs in the neighborhood and several dog parks. We love to socalize meet other dogs, have playdates. My Yorkie (Rigby) is treated like a family member and that's how I intend to treat any other pet in the future! That said, I've been looking for pups and there aren't many breeders near me (2 to be exact.) One has no puppies and the other has a 5 that are about 8 weeks. The only thing that worries me is that they've been raised in a kennel and I wasn't sure if that made a difference in the long run. I worry that it has not gotten the love and attention that a puppy really needs. I want this puppy to be able to play and have fun and feel comfertable in the house and be able to take careful walks and socalize. Also, my window of being able to get one is about to close...otherwise I would wait until Christmas when the breeder who raises them in their house had puppies. I am fully prepared to spend lots of time and love and patience with a new pup, so if the only problem is it might be shy, I feel like I would love to help it. But if it's a permant personality problem, I would rather get one raised in the home.

Can you visit the puppies to see what atmosphere and conditions they are being raised in? What reputation does that breeder have? Can you ask him what homes his dogs usually go to and whether he's in touch with them? Have you asked him straight forward if he thinks his dogs can live fine as house dogs, not kennel dogs? If he's someone you can trust and who cares for his dogs, I'm sure he'll gladly answer your questions. If he doesn't seem to be willing to cooperate, I'd wait for another opportunity.

As long as the breeder is reputable, respects the dogs' needs, and doesn't separate the puppies from the mother and the littermates too early (not sooner than 9 weeks), and as long as you're able to provide proper pack leadership in your house and a sufficient amount of daily exercise, everything should be fine I believe.

However others may have other opinions.