i have two snakes a ball python and a kenyan sand boa.i have heard ball pythons dont eat well sometimes and that the kenyans are hearty eaters.i have found that in my case its the other way around.im getting worried about my kenyan she wont eat her pinkys.is there a way to get her to eat?i wonder if i am doing something wrong in thawing the pinky?any advice would be helpful she hasnt eaten in a month the ball python eats weekly and act like he is starving if i am a day late on his feeding.my kenyan is less than 6 months old if that helps.
Kenyan Sand Boas can be some of the hardest babies to get to eat. However once they get established, they normally continue to eat. On the other hand, Ball Pythons can and often do go off their feedings regularly. Has the Sand Boa been eating regularly then stopped? If that's the case try feeding it at a different time of day. I had one that would only eat after hours. I found that the snake would only eat live prey and only if it was introduced in her cage after all the lights went out and the noise abated in the entire house. Ball Pythons will go off their feedings regularly, fall seems to be a time of the year some will do this. I think it may have something to do with their brumation period.
Good Luck!
Jim Smith
I got an anerythristic Kenyan as a baby...a very tiny baby, whose previous owner could not get to eat. Within a few days of bringing him (or her?) home with me, I got it to eat a tiny thawed mouse pinky. It has been one of my best feeders since then, now being around 16 inches or better, and feeding weekly on adult mice. I attribute part of my success with mine to disposing of the sand substrate the previous owner was using. He now resides in Care-Fresh, about 3-4 inches deep, and seems to love it. Their name "Sand" Boa, is misleading. Sand is NOT their normal residence!