My 14 1/2 yr old cat was recently diagnosed with early Kidney Disease. In the past, when given his yearly vaccines, he's always been given a portion (I don't know how much) of an aspirin because he reacts very badly otherwise - growling, hissing, etc. for 24-48 hours afterward (this from a normally mellow cat). Once he started getting aspirin at shot time, everything was fine. Anyway, now it's shot time again and my vet (a new one, unfortuantely, as I moved) is saying he can't get the aspirin because of the Kidney Disease. Is this true? Any other suggestions?
Talk to your vet about the reasoning behind doing yearly vaccines. As it stands now, many vets do NOT recommend yearly vaccines due to the problems with vaccine sarcomas developing. (Cancer at the injection site.)

I would also look into finding out if your cat is having some type of allergic reaction which is making him feel punky after the shots. Maybe spreading them out, a week or two apart would be a good idea to help with reactions? A good vet should be able to work with you to find a solution AND is not going to insist on yearly vaccines for indoor cats.
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