Hi everyone,

I just adopted a 2 month old kitten a few days ago from a shelter. Took him to the vet the next day because he was sneezing, drooling and had a drippy eye. The vet said he had Upper Respiratory Infection. Since he didn't seem too sick at the time, the vet didn't prescribe antibiotics but gave him Enisyl-F, L-lysine supplement. Since then, now 2 days later, he is still drinking properly and eating. He has stopped drooling and is sneezing a lot less, but his eyes and nose are still runny and for a while this afternoon he was making these nasal congested wheezing sounds. We put him in a steamy room with a shower then put a vaporizer near him and has stopped making those sounds. I'm just wondering if he is better now or if he might be breathing through his mouth now, which is very slightly open. I know I need to take him to the vet and am going to do so in a few hours, but until then it would be great to have a bit of peace of mind since I'm not sure what I should be looking for.

Thanks everyone in advance!
Hello Anon, how was your visit to the vet? I hope your kitty's better now!
How was his temperature before and after his drooling and sneezing stopped? Cats often breathe with their mouth if their temperature is higher than normal. They can also do it because of pain. But I think your kitten is better since 2 of the symptoms are gone.