I have a 4 months old female kitten that has been living with us for 2 months. The previous owner always fed her by placing some meat paste on his finger and giving it to the kitten to lick off. So far we've been doing the same, and we just can't get her eat from the bowl. Her best achievement is 2 meat pieces eaten from the bowl and then she'll "bury" it all. Have your cats done the same? Did you get them eat from the bowl eventually and how?
Hi anon

Have you tried simply not to feed her by hand - and then see how she carries on?

Some people think it's really cute to feed kittens by hand. But eventually they come to realize that this only results in the fact that the cat can't figure out to eat from a bowl.

Put some food out on a plate - and just leave it there for her own discretion. It might sound cruel, but once she gets hungry enough, I'm certain of the fact that she will start eating.

I just found this and I have the same problem but Ill try your suggestions