hello everyone! I'm posting this for a good friend of mine, Carol:

"I rescued some kitties from a high kill shelter in Georgia (East Coweta Animal Control)... there are four precious kitties! My foster that I had lined up just informed me that she can't take them, and I must find either someone to foster or adopt these kitties this week. They were supposed to go on transport this weekend. I can transport them anywhere on the east coast or midwest. Anywhere further than that might be too expensive for me to get them to you... but contact me anyway and we can figure something out. Is there anyone here who might want to adopt one of my rescues or foster them? Please contact me as soon as possible at carolroar[at]aol.com or carolroars[at]hotmail.com. I've got to find somewhere for these kitties to go this week, whether it be foster or into a new forever home. I don't want them to end up back in a shelter, when I worked so hard to get them out! You can see their pictures on my Shutterfly page here. http://rescuekitties.shutterfly.com/pictures/8 . If you can't take them, it would be great if you could please forward this to anyone you know who you think might be able to, or might know someone."

Hopefully someone here can help or post it on your Facebook pages or blogs to get the word out. Thank you so much!

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