Im new here Emotion: smile So im not entirely sure how this works. Anyhow I will still ask my question. Lately my cat has been biting me a lot. Not enough to draw blood, but its more than just playful. We'll be cuddling and im petting him, then all of a sudden he will repeatedly bit my hand. Any thoughts? Any suggestions? lol
Hey Titan!
I remember a joke that the more a kitty bites you, the more it loves you. Emotion: big smile I wish it was true but looks like it's still just a joke, i.e. excessive biting can be really troublesome.
I'm not sure why exactly it happens, but if it's because of the feelings overwhelming him, I think you could show him that you don't enjoy it since you get hurt. For instance, every times you think he's bitten you TOO much, stop playing with him and don't pay attention to him for a while. Also, keep saying how bad it was etc. I know it may sound weird but they seem to understand what we say.
Another case is when a cat wants to tell you to stop doing something. When my Barsik bites me too much (it doesn't happen now but he might behave like this before), I just leave him alone because I take it as a sign he doesn't want me to keep on doing what I've been doine, i.e. I stop bugging him, lol.
I hope it helps just a little! Emotion: smile
Hi and welcome!

I think you shouldn't let him bite you when you're playing either, because the cat won't really be able to distinguish between what hurts you and what doesn't. So the best thing is to not have him bite you AT ALL.

My cat used to do that too when I pet him and I think that I just touched a spot that he didn't like. He used to then lick himself there after before going back into his resting position. So I just stopped touching him there.

Let us know how it goes Emotion: smile