A very nice vid! I love it how the cat inclines its head watching the pointer. Emotion: big smile
Reminded me of Barsik playing with such a pointer too sometimes. "Sometimes" because we didn't play with it often - he could become very nervous because of the fact he couldn't actually catch or bite it, hehe.
By the way, I LOVE Kittycat's coat colour and pattern! Emotion: love
Does she always like playing with it, Christopher? Or can easily ignore the little dot? Emotion: smile
Yes, everytime she sees the lazer, she would go crazy and try to catch it, but not as much as Grissom and Bitsy did when they we're younger.
I see. What about Bitsy and Grissom now? Do they still play with it?
no, Grissom and Bitsy don't play anymore lazer.