We have had 2 labradors - both rescue dogs with no major problems who lived long lives. We have now adopted a 6 year old female lab who has been rehomed 3 times. She has never lived indoors. We have her living indoors and she is no problem in the house. she has a gentle nature and is very loving. But she whimpers when we try to take her out for a walk. She freezes, refuses to move, salivates, whimpers and her forehead wrinkles into a frown. She doesn't seem to hear and her head is way down near the ground. We have had her now for 6 months and every attempt at walking is a nightmare. She is too strong to be dragged along - which we don't want to do anyway - and treats don't tempt her out of her fear. Should we give up trying and just let her be?
To be honest maybe she was abused and is nervous with ropes and sticks. KEEP TRYING! go to a vet or trainer to get help.