Ah just LOOK at him... just look at his unwillingness to come down... uh! Emotion: big smile

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Thats a new way to go down the stairs.
Hahaha that's awesome! Emotion: big smile
Inventive cats are! Maybe it was just his black spot itching?
Hehe maybe. Or maybe he just doesn't like any blackness and wants to be all snow-white... so this is the way he punishes the spot. Emotion: stick out tongue
Hey Ruslana here's another one of the type "I'd rather slither down the stairs" Emotion: wink

LOL thanks, Punky! This video made my day. Emotion: big smile So it seems cats can behave in a completely similar manner even though they are in different countries, hehe.
yeah. I thought of the Itching... maybe it's not that easy to scratch ones back being a cat! Emotion: stick out tongue one has to be imaginative.

funny videos. I did not expect to see what I saw Emotion: big smile
Hah another one! Just look at how lithe his body is! Emotion: surprise What breed is that? Looks like an Ocicat but I am not sure.
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