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I'm afraid that you're asking for something impossible, David; THINKING is not Mr. K's forte.

Just out of curiosity, have any of you here actually read PW's manual?

The regulars DO NOT read Jerry's manual. They are afraid of being harmed by it.

You are SO off base. No matter HOW good his manual is (and it's terrible, BTW), people do not want to support someone who treats others so incredibly poorly. Yet you like to support someone who treats others so poorly. And that's fine - it's your business.

I'm still thinking Lucy is Mikey...
There's two reasons for that.

Make that THREE.
That's what I get for thinking of still another one...

Actually, there's probably dozens of reasons, none of which would make sense to someone like Luucy.

Handsome Jack Morrison
*gently remove the detonator to send me e-mail
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