Is it okay if I add some lemon juice to my budgie's water bottle to support his immune system and just for a change?
Hi anon

Citrus fruits are not particularly good for a budgie. Their little bodies just can't handle the acid, and sometimes they end up feeling quite ill. (This includes oranges and pineapple.)

If you want to give your budgie a juciy treat that's also good for them, you can try making juice of either carrots or cucumbers. Some budgies are quite picky, so it's not certain it will like it. But if you start slow and mix a little carrot juice in it's water, it might like the taste of it.

Best of luck to you, and let us know what he thinks.

Citrus fruits of any kind are very toxic to kitties. http://ibdkitties.net/Toxicunsafe.html
Thank you both!

Alfinnlay do you mean that what's toxic for kitties is also toxic for budgies?
OH gosh! I'm sorry, LOL. I'm so used to being on a strictly cat website I didn't even realize! That I don't know, sorry about that everyone. Emotion: embarrassed Well, at least now you know it's toxic to ktties! LOL.
I've been giving all my birds lemon juice for years along with apple cider vinegar and betadine. All my birds are healthy. They also get bochoy , celery , carrots , broccoli , apples , raw sweat corn and endive lettuce aside from egg food, petamine and vitamins .

So nothing is going to happen if u give lemon juice to budgies?