Hi folks,
I have a 3 yr old female cat. She's spayed and all the shots done. She's always been an indoor kitty because we lived by a very busy road and the only thought of letting her out was dreadful. Two months ago we moved to a very quiet place and now I'm thinking of letting her roam outside. I think she'll enjoy it. But I am very afraid she won't come back! Are there any rules to follow before letting a cat out, to make sure she'll be coming back?
Please advise on the night time as well, should I keep her in at night?
I am personally not an advocate for letting them out without a harness. Even in rural areas they can still get hit by trucks, cars, get taken by coyotes, etc. Can you take her out on a harness instead of letting her roam by herself? This would be much safer for her and this way you don't have to worry.
I walk my cat during the evenings. He's the persistent one at that and we put him on a body harness and leash.