Hi , im looking for a beagle a toy poodle or a lab . my price range is 250$ and under.If you have either of these please email me back at (Email Removed) . thanks.
You are equally wlling to take a dog that requires regular grooming, as one that is barky and follows its nose as one that reuires a fair amount of exercise with a rather oily coat. Given the rather broad range of behaviors, body types, and care considerations you apparently find acceptable why bother with a particular breed at all? There are puppies the come into your local animal shelter who will make fine companions for someone flexible in their desires.

If you are seeking a cheap (and therefore carelessly bred) dog you will do best to get a random bred dog over a badly done purebred. My Tsuki was dumped in the pound with the rest of his siblings at 5 weeks old. It is just not that unusual. And the good thing is if you get the dog from the animal shelter you will be contributing to the solution, while if you get the dog from a careless breeder you will be contributing to the problem. Not only that but there is no particular reason to insist on a puppy.

An adult dog can bond with you just as strongly and is a heck of a lot less work. I got my Freeway when he was about 18 months old, and I couldbn't be more lucky. He is a great dog. There are some truly outstanding dogs in the shelter - all you have to do is open your heart and look.

Diane Blackman
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